About our pricing

We have one package for wedding photography, all the information is set out below. We find this covers the vast majority of weddings.

If you are having an exceptionally small wedding (couple of guests, couple of hours sort of thing) let us know - we may be able to sort a bespoke package. We are now also offering a combined videography/photography package. For more information about this click here.

If your wedding is in between October 31st and March 1st - ask us about winter pricing

If you're just looking for a family/couples kind of shoot (with no wedding attatched to it) - then check out the Family Shoot package below

For anything else that's not covered - give us a shout and we'll see what we can do!

wedding photography package


- Pre-wedding day consultation.
- Two professional photographers covering the whole day.
- Approximately 700 high-resolution images.
- USB drive in presentation box.
- Password protected online gallery.
- Free downloads for anyone you choose.
- Convenient print ordering service.
- Long term backup/storage for your peace of mind.

You can add a pre-wedding shoot to this package for £250.

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wedding Photography & Videography Package


- Pre-wedding day consultation.
- Two photographers and one videographer covering the whole day.
- Approximately 700 high-resolution images.
- Video highlights, showing all the best bits from preparations to first dance, overlaid to music. 4-8 minutes long.
- USB drive in presentation box.
- Password protected online gallery.
- Free downloads for anyone you choose.
- Print ordering service.
- Long term backup and storage.
- You can add a pre-wedding shoot for £250.

More About our combined package
Family shoot


Anything from you and your hampster to the whole extended family... 2-3 hours at a location of your choice creating some fantastic memories.
- Two professional photographers covering the event.
- Approximately 50 high-resolution images.
- Password protected online gallery.
- Free downloads for anyone you choose.
- Convenient print ordering service.
- Long term backup/storage for your peace of mind

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How does the process work?

Bride relaxing on sofa

1. Lets meet up

We totally understand that choosing a photographer is not easy - you've got to be confident in whoever shoots your day as there is only one chance to get it right! We think its really important for us to meet up, talk things through and get to know one another a little so you can be sure we're the right photographers for you. We're always happy to hold your date and give you first refusal if someone else makes an enquiry. It gives you a little peace of mind while you think things over.

2. Contract, deposit and payment

If you want to go ahead and book us (awesome, thanks!) just let us know and we'll email you out our standard contract. We ask for a 10% deposit to secure your booking and then we ask for the balance to be paid in the week before the wedding. All the payment details and a handy, secure payment link will be sent out with the contract.

3. The Big Day

We'll talk through your day and make sure we understand what you need from us - be it a wildly complex shoot involving smoke, elephants and a lightening machine or if it's for us just to hang back all day and shoot reportage... We'll make sure we're on the same page. We'll make sure we let you know the sort of time we need to get your photography done and will happily advise on any aspect of the wedding, photography related or otherwise (we've been to quite a few now!)

4. Getting your shots

This is what it's all about. We'll carefully edit your images into a final set that tells the story of your day. We'll email you a link to an online gallery and send you a little app to install on your phone or tablet so it's super easy to show-off and share your shots. We'll also send you the images on a USB in a personalised wooden gift box, hand made by Seb. Its just nice to hand over something physical and lovely at the end of the day.


How long does it take to get our photos delivered?

We aim to get you images to you four weeks after the wedding. We will also try and get them to you on a Friday or Saturday so you can curl up with a glass of wine and take time to re-live your day. Sending out the ' your images are ready' email is one of the best parts of our job.

What if we're getting married abroad?

Then that's amazing. let us know your plans and we'll give you a quote.

How long do group shots take?

It depends on how many you want to do - usually around ten group shots can be done in around half an hour. We try and make it as quick and painless as possible. Just let us know your plans and we can guide you on time.

When does your coverage start and end?

We can arrive whenever you want us in the morning. We find that most people don't want photographing until the makeup has started (although we think you're all beautiful with or without makeup!) Around 10:00 is a good average.

First dance tends to be our last official shot but we always hang out and shoot the dancefloor madness. We never give a finish time because weddings rarely work to a tight schedule but it's around this point that we start to check we've got all the shots we need one last time and think about saying our goodbyes.

Do you do albums?

We can, but they'd be really expensive. It would be easier and cheaper for you to make your own album at one of the many online sites. See our links page for a couple of ideas.

Can you spilt in the morning - one of you with girls and one with the boys?

No problem. Although, we normally go to the bride first and say hello to everyone. There's ALWAYS more to shoot at the bride's house (unless of course it's two brides or grooms then of course we just split, one of us to each of you).

One of us will always go to the venue and shoot the guests turning up and get great shots of whoever is waiting at the ceremony and one of us will always hang back with whoever is making the big entrance.... We can adapt and do whatever is most important to you.

Do you have a recommended videographer?

We do! We have a photography & video package and we also have other videographer recommendations on our useful links page.

Do you have a key shots list?

We often get asked if we need a list of shots (other than group shots) for the day. As well as shooting documentary style all day we do have a number of key shots firmly drummed into our minds that we will always do our absolute best to get. The list we have made below is a guide only as each wedding is unique and could never have anything as drab as a standard shot list applied to it!

Morning prep shots
The dresses and the suits as well as all the trimmings
The flowers
The getting the dress/jackets done up
Cars Arriving
Guests arriving
The nervous groom
The first time you see one another and try really hard not to cry, then fail.
The rings
The kiss
The first walk through the congregation as a couple
The relief and elation of a couple walking out of the church into the sunshine
Spontaneous confetti throwing
Any group shots you want at any time
All the details in the reception
The cake or towers of cheese
Old friends
New friends
The love in the room
Your story