About Lewis and Schofield Photography:


Find out a little more about Lewis & Schofield photography – documentary wedding photographers in beautiful Dorset…



Lewis and Schofield photography is a result of the combined efforts of David Lewis and Seb Schofield.  They have been photographing weddings together for the past six years, as well as following individual professional paths. They met while studying photography and realised that they had a remarkably similar approach to photography, business and the world in general. The combination of their skills and personalities make for a unique experience in documentary wedding photography.

How we work when we photograph weddings…

‘We genuinely feel that we offer something quite special. We get such a kick out it when our clients tell us how much they and their guests have enjoyed us being around on the day.  It’s something we are both immensely proud of.

We find that people respond so well to a camera if you have had a friendly chat with them earlier in the day. It’s why we put so much energy into this aspect of our work. It also means we get to meet lots of amazing people. We always feel like we are saying goodbye to friends at the end of a day’s shoot and we know we wouldn’t get the shots we do if that weren’t the case.

While all of this is going on we get to be photographers too. The way that light changes, predicting and composing shots – it’s an obsession for both of us. The day we stop getting a massive buzz from getting a killer shot is the day we’ll down cameras and do something else. Weddings provide endless opportunities for photography. It’s a fantastic job and we love doing it’.

Wedding photography in Dorset

This is a stunning county. We get to work all over the U.K but the majority of the weddings we photograph are here in Dorset and we love that. There are rolling hills, miles of coast line with amazing beaches and dramatic cliffs, stunning old churches and modern hotels. No two weddings are alike and it really is a county made for amazing weddings. it’s a photographers dream and we really are lucky to live and work here.

We get a lot of couples from London and other parts of the UK who love the idea of getting married in Dorset. Often they have had special holidays here or may family connections with the county. We find that a little local knowledge can help enormously with the finer details of the day and we are always happy to throw in ideas about locations and timings and other aspects of planning for the big day.



About Seb and Dave…

David Lewis

Photographers biographies often seem to start with a description of how much they love taking photographs. Just look at Seb’s, that’s exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about.  I now earn a living taking photographs and that makes me very happy but there is without doubt life beyond the lens.

I am married to Hannah who is truly remarkable and we have two equally remarkable little girls. Being a photographer is excellent but being husband and daddy to them is even better. We live in a little valley in the middle of somewhere.  Sunlight on morning mists, rolling hills and cathedral forests. We have two cats.

I find picking up a guitar is the simplest way to remain sane.  I also love making stuff out of old bits of wood. I have a little workshop into which I disappear when I can no longer look at a computer screen.

I walk, run, do yoga, listen to really loud music and stare at the stars whenever possible.

Photography weaves its way through all of the above.

When not shooting weddings I shoot commercially for good people such as GP&J Baker, Mulberry Home  Threads, Lee Jofa, Kravet and Brunschwig & Fils.

Dave X


Sebastian Schofield

I’ve had a keen interest in photography since I found an old camera in a phone box when I was around 10 years old…ish.

I was originally a gamekeeper on the Chatsworth estate in Derbyshire. I then completed my degree and decided to  join the fire service. Due to my love of the sea I moved to Bournemouth and decided to study photography at Poole Arts College.

I also have a passion for music and have played drums for the past thirty years. I also photograph music and festivals, which means I get to travel the county and photograph some great musicians and events. Sebastianschofield.com

yo can also follow my festival page on Instagram @festivalnutters.

I love life and when I’m not photographing anyone you’ll find me either surfing or on the beach collecting driftwood.

I’m lucky to have a great partner and two beautiful dogs. Being fit and healthy is important to me and I believe staying positive is the secret to happiness. I also must mention my beloved VW-T5, which accompanies me on my adventures both surfing and photographic. Fun times.

Catch ya soon,

Seb x