Jodie & Samuels’s pre shoot 29 09 22

We hadn’t seen Jodie & Sam since our meeting before lockdown so it was great to catch up with them at Studland to take a few pictures before their wedding in November.

We met up in Shell Bay car park and headed over to the far side of Studland to take a few documentary-style images on the beach.

After playing in the sea, we headed off into the sand dunes where the sun light was beginning to set. We shot through the tall grass and gorse to frame a few images.

Then back towards the car park stopping off at the wooden bridge for some long shots. We then walked back over to the picturesque Shell Bay.

Shell Bay is a smaller and more hidden away beach compared to Studland. In addition, it was great to have the beach to ourselves.

When the tide goes out it creates a sandbank, which is hidden at high tide.

We were lucky enough to get the tide right and were able to use the sandbank to our advantage.

Amongst the stunning backdrop of Shell Bay there is a series of converted cabins that are great to photograph around.

We took Jodie and Samuel around the cabins and photographed them from a distance with the sun setting on the waterside.

We walked back along the beach and took a few images on the ferry road then back to the car.

A fab afternoon playing on the beach. We look forward to photographing your wedding in November.